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The Value of Disciplined Agile Certifications: What Can They Do for You?

Agile is not one size fits all. Our Disciplined Agile certifications will teach you how to identify the most efficient ways to solve problems and increase value for your organization by customizing approaches to specific situations. Scott Ambler shares more about our certification offerings.

For decades, organizations in pursuit of simple solutions for their organizational challenges have bought into a specific agile framework—such as Scrum or SAFE®—only to discover that you can’t simply buy enterprise agility. Using a prescriptive framework can be a good start—until teams and organizations find themselves in thrall to that approach, locked into methods that may not be appropriate for a given project. Soon, they’re not improving, and not sure how to get better at delivering value to their customers. 

This challenge is only increasing today as organizations seek agile solutions—or at least, their conception of agile solutions—in response to today’s increased trendlines of uncertainty and speed. In response, more teams than ever before are experimenting with agile ways of working in order to release products or to complete projects. While individual teams may see success, organizations continue to fall short in applying agile across the enterprise. 

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The persistence of this type of challenge is what initially led Mark Lines and myself to create what we see as a better path in the form of Disciplined Agile® (DA). In simplest terms, DA is an agnostic tool kit that provides straightforward guidance to help organizations streamline their processes—and this is crucial—in a context-sensitive manner. Rather than prescribing a hammer for every challenge that may emerge, DA enables teams to optimize their own unique Way of Working (or WoW) based on the needs of the situation at hand. The fact is that teams have many options for addressing their challenges, but they may not be aware of them, or which ones are most effective in a given situation. 

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DA’s certifications helps agile to work for professionals and individuals. Individuals who earn our certifications learn how to identify the most efficient ways to solve problems and increase value by customizing approaches to specific situations. 

As we continue to focus on developing and launching a range of DA micro-credentials, you might consider how our current certification offerings can help you to tackle your organization’s toughest challenges.

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