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Isioma Isiekwenagbu

VP, Administration & Finance

Fondly referred as the “Remarkable Isi’, is a versatile professional who boasts an impressive career spanning more than 16 years in various management positions. With advanced degrees in Marine Sciences, as well as Environmental Pollution and Management, Isi possesses a wide range of knowledge that greatly enhances her expertise in project management.

Isi’s expertise in the field is further heightened by her PMP (Project Management Professional) certification, distinguishing her as an outstanding leader adept at guiding projects to successful completion with noteworthy outcomes.

Her commitment to excellence in project management is augmented by her proactive approach to personal and professional growth. Possessing a certification in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, she recognizes the vital role that mental well-being plays in cultivating effective leadership and ensuring efficient operational outcomes. In her capacity as a Cognitive Behavioral practitioner, Isi employs her profound insights into psychological wellness, integrating these principles within her project management methodologies. This holistic approach engenders a nurturing corporate culture, conducive to the flourishing of ingenuity and collaborative achievement.

Beyond the scope of her professional pursuits, she channels her passion into social advocacy, particularly in the advancement of women. Through teaching Afro fitness and dance fusion, she endeavors to bolster self-confidence among women, thereby reinforcing United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5 – a commitment to gender equality and the empowerment of women and girls worldwide. This initiative is a testament to her dedication to eradicating gender discrimination and advocating for equitable rights and opportunities across all spectra of society.

She finds profound significance in a saying from the renowned Audrey Hepburn: “As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands — one for helping yourself, the other for helping others.” This quote embodies the essence of her generous nature and her persistent commitment to making a beneficial impact on those in her circle.

Isi’s current role as Vice President, Administration  & Finance with the Project Management Institute, (Nigeria chapter) represents her professional standing and dedication to service.  She enjoys engaging in intelligent yet interesting conversations, traveling and engaging in adrenaline